Draught Surveys

Determination of the amount of cargo loaded or discharged by comparing the vessel’s displacement

Vessel Damage Surveys

Attendance on board to assess vessel damage and the cause thereof

Cargo Damage Surveys

Attendance on board, or alongside, or at receivers premises following damage to cargo

Container Damage Surveys

Attendance on board, or alongside, or at receivers premises following damage to containers or their contents

Pre-Shipment Condition Surveys

Attendance to inspect cargo, vessels or containers prior to shipment

Condition Surveys

Attendance on board vessels to assess the vessel’s condition

Lashing Surveys

Attendance to ensure cargoes are properly secured for intended voyage

Loading and Discharge Surveys

Attendance to ensure cargoes are properly handled during loading or discharge

Special Project Management

Attendance to oversee the movement of specialised cargoes and heavy or abnormal lifts

Tally Services

Attendance to provide independent verification of the quantity of items loaded or discharged

Small Craft Damage Surveys

Attendance to assess damage for insurance purposes

Small Craft Valuation Surveys

Attendance to determine value for Insurance or sale purposes

Price Checking

Assessing correct and fair pricing on goods and services

Text: We are a SAMSA appointed third party to certify shippers for Method 2 (MSC1/CIRC1475) to verify the gross mass of packed containers. www.marineaudit.net

General & Marine Surveyors and Assessors carry out independent marine surveys, conduct independent assessments and act as consultants in a wide variety of maritime matters.

Our services encompass everything from onboard vessel surveys to check bunkers, cargo lashing and vessel condition on large oceangoing vessels, to small craft and yacht surveys for the marine insurance market. In addition to assessing marine insurance claims, whether having arisen during transit by sea, land or air, we also offer independent tally of cargoes at all major ports and inland receiving depots.

Our Maritime claims and fraud investigation track record speaks for itself, with numerous successes attributed to our diligent pursuit of the facts.

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Latest News:

Charcoal Vanning Certificates – The recent spate of shipboard fires, where charcoal products packed in shipping containers have been found to have been the cause, has given rise to shipping lines insisting on Vanning Certificates before they will allow the containers to be loaded on their vessels.

General & Marine are able to provide certificates that meet the shipping lines requirements and will advise beforehand on how to properly pack the container. Exporters must also keep in mind that they will additionally need a recent Self-Heating Certificate issued by an approved laboratory.